For Home Users

We service and supply a wide range of home computer systems from small handheld devices (iPad, Android etc) through laptops, desktop PCs, Windows, Apple, ADSL / VDSL / Fibre modems and printers from all the main manufacturers. 

If it is convenient you can bring your equipment to our workshop situated at our retail stores at 216 High Street, Rangiora or 574 Colombo Street Christchurch.  Alternatively you can call us on 03 313 4567 or 03 595 1192 to arrange a home visit from one of our technicians.

We also stock a wide range of computers, accessories and peripherals from a range of manufacturers.  All our own-brand desktop PCs come with a free 2 year warranty.

Even if you didn't buy your new PC from us, we can still transfer all your data, emails etc from your old computer to your new one.  

Our workshop technicians are experienced at dealing with infections from virus and spyware attacks, hijacking of PCs, computer upgrades and repairs and data recovery from failing hard drives.  

IMPORTANT - if you get messages that your computer hard drive is failing or your computer becomes unreliable and slow then bring it to us straight away without using your computer - the more a failing hard drive is used, the less likely we are to be able to recover your data.

We can also help with the setup of new computers in your home (or set up existing computers when you move house) and also sort out your internet connection problems and setup smart home devices such as TVs.