Broadband, Fibre and Phone

Sick of waiting on hold for your broadband provider's helpdesk to answer only to find out you're talking to someone in a different country?

We can provide your Fibre, ADSL or VDSL broadband along with Voice over IP (VoIP) or traditional phone connections.  This is provisioned and supported right here in Canterbury and when you call you will speak to a local Cantabrian who can cut through the layers of indifference and bureaucracy and get straight to the engineers looking after your service.

Our broadband plans are focussed on business customers with high priority given to keep your business running smoothly.  

Our VoIP service can save you significant money over the cost of traditional phones whilst giving increased flexibility and advanced features such as mailboxes, Interactive Voice Response (IVR or automated assistant) and other features traditionally associated with high-end PBXs.  Note we strongly recommend VDSL or fibre is required for VoIP, for ADSL connections we can provide a traditional phone service.