For Business

Whether you run a large office or factory, a farm or maybe a small or home office you still need ot be sure your IT equipment is working as it should.  We can help you to utilise your IT more effectively either through advice and consultancy, training or by supporting your computer systems so they run at maximum efficiency.

We can show you how to get large business phone capability for small money, we work with both Asterisk and 3CX phone systems and will specify the most appropriate one for your needs.

We can show you how to leverage the cloud to work for your business and help you to get the most for your workforce - whether they are office based or, as is increasingly the case, mobile and remote from your office.  By utilising modern Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems, mobile computing (such as laptops or tablets) and cloud based computing we can make your mobile workforce more productive.

If you are planning a major IT purchase then it pays to talk to us first - by working to understand your current and future needs and specifying the most appropriate systems for your business you can save a lot of money and heartache later.

We are able to supply hardware and software from all the major vendors but if the most appropriate solution for you is something we can't supply then we will tell you so - we won't give you the wrong solution just because we can't supply it ourselves.

All of this is because when we form a new relationship with a company we look for a long term relationship, not short term gain.  Similarly our support contracts are open and flexible - we want you to use our services because you are happy with us  not because you are tied into a contract you cant break.  

We can also help you out with your internet connectivity whether it be a simple connection or a fully managed network and private VPN we have the skills, capabilities and contacts to make sure you get what you need.


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